Why is the radio not playing?

If the radio on your android app is not playing, it could be for a number of reasons, the radio being offline, issue with the stream, no internet connection, etc. First thing we suggest is, press the stop button on the player and hit play again. This resets the communication and fixes most of the problems.
Please, also keep in mind that not all stations stream 24/7 and the stream could be offline.
These radios are streaming from the internet, so please make sure that you have a reliable internet connection to be able to listen properly.

How can a new radio be added to the app?

If the radio you are looking for is not in the app, simply email us with the name of the station and we will get that included ASAP.

Simple as that.

Do I need internet connection to listen to radios?

Yes, The radios in our apps are live steams from the radio stations. These streams are broadcasted live online and thus require active internet connection.

How often are the apps updated?

We try to update all of our apps every couple months to ensure that the streams are working properly and the app is bug free. Please, update to the latest version to make sure you are receiving all the updates.